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A headless website is a website that does not have a graphical user interface. The content is stored in a headless content management system and the frontend is built using a static site generator. The biggest benefit of a headless website is that it can be easily updated and maintained. The headless content management system provides an easy way to manage the content, while the frontend can be built using any static site generator.

A pre-built headless website from CivSav is a fully developed, ready-to-go template that allows the owner to add photos and videos, copy, and other elements on their own. The template uses a friendly interface to allow the owner to make immediate changes as needed. CivSav templates are ready to connect to payment and fulfillment companies.

Anyone who knows how to surf the web can easily control their pre-built headless website. Each site comes with an initial consultation and follow-up support to make sure you understand every element. As well, the CivSav team is here to answer your questions and guide you as needed.

CivSav headless websites work perfectly on any computer, tablet, or phone and makes you stand out with an enjoyable user experience.

The CivSav team is here to help you succeed and start selling your farm-fresh goods directly to your community.

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